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Roger Dubuis Replica launched the Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative in 2002, which pairs up talented artists at the beginning of their career with experts in their field. This program covers architecture, dances, films, literature, music and theater. There is also a variable eighth mentorship that can take place in other fields of the arts or in an interdisciplinarypursuit.

Roger Dubuis Replica's mentoring period lasts two years. During this time, Roger Dubuis Replica expects mentors and protégés to spend at least six weeks together, although many spend much more than that.

Since the program's inception, over 1,100 young professionals from 105 different countries have been invited to participate. This has brought them to the attention and expertise of experts. 253 influential figures from the arts nominated and selected young artists, while 123 creative leaders and major artists served as advisors for the program. As of today, 54 artists from 34 different countries have accepted to be mentors. They have also chosen 54 protégés. roger dubuis replica views the creation of this globalcreativecommunity as one of the highest achievements of its Roger Dubuis ReplicaArts initiative.

Two of the most recent Mentor-Protege architecture pairs are Sir David Chipperfield and Simon Kretz, a partnership which ended this year. The other is SirDavidAdjaye and Mariam Kamara in Niger. This pair began this year. They were announced at Venice Biennale.

The Thought Experiment

A mentor-protégé partnership often involves a tangible product -- a building or film, a book, or a performance. Chipperfield & Kretz decided to work on a more conceptual project,Patek Philippe Replica Watches focusing their attention on the "blue-sky" development of an English neighborhood, and answering questions such as: How is a town made? Who is responsible for shaping it? Who determines its future? How democratic is the planning process? What can we do to improve the planning process?

The two architects focused on an actual and controversial London site -- the Bishopsgate Goodsyard, a former cargo depot at the border of the City of London with the East End. The two architects, along with Kretz’s students at the Department of Architecture ETH Zurich analyzed the complexities of forces that influence planning, economic, political, and social.
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