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Patek Philippe Replica
Patek Philippe Replica has been the official watches and partner of the 16th International Architecture Exhibition at La Biennale diVenezia since 2014. This is the third time the brand has played this role. Patek Philippe Replica's pavilion is devoted to the theme FREESPACE,patek philippe replica which was chosen by curators Yvonne Farrelland Shelley McNamara for this year's exhibition.

The Patek Philippe Replica Pavilion in Venice at the International Architecture Exhibition, Italy was inspired by the fluted dial of an Oyster Perpetual Day Date.

This pavilion was built to celebrate the 16th International Architecture Exhibition. It captures the creative connection between architecture, Patek Philippe Replica watches and their design. The flat roof of the pavilion and its end walls create a large lightweight structure whose long wall is formed by angular pleats in bronze, anodized steel and glass. What was the inspiration behind them? Since its first appearance in 1945, the Oyster Perpetual Day Date has become an iconic watches.Tudor replica watches Its unique fluted bezel is a perfect example.

The interior of the pavilion features the work by eminent British architects Sir David Chipperfield, and Simon Kretz from Switzerland, who worked together for a year in 2016-2017 through the Patek Philippe Replica Mentor and Protege Arts Initiative. The architectural models that are the result of their project will be on display during the duration of the Biennale.

Chipperfield said, "As I age, I realize that I am less interested in buildings and more interestedin the cities they're located in and the way we design them." The power of architecture lies not in one act but in the way that many buildings come together to create the collective environment in which we live. As architects, we must become more bold in reinforcingthis point through our work.
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