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Telescopic Pool Enclosures

                         Telescopic swimming pool enclosures will enable you to make more use of your 
                         outdoor pool and possibly even use it all year round. They create a much more
                         pleasant swimming environment, especially with the totally unpredictable British

                         These pool buildings can be supplied in any length and width and are available
                         in many different heights to accommodate any pool design. A wide range of
                         colours are also available to blend in with its surroundings which won't spoil
                         your garden landscaping.

                         Depending on where your pool is situated the enclosure can be totally
                         freestanding, attached at one end to a wall, very low in height so as not to
                         stand above hedges or for a pool parallel to fairly near the back wall you can
                         attach a telescopic building side-on to the wall.

                         You also have the choice of having either a centre opening or complete
                         retraction to one end. The possibilties are almost endless, which means that
                         you can have exactly the type of enclosure you want, hassle free!

                         Enclosure advantages include:

                         Raise the Temperature of the pool by 12°C | Use your pool in any weather
                         Stainless steel quick release fixations | Reduce the amount of chemicals used
                         Keep debris from entering the pool | Manually open/close by just two people

                         Alternatively they can be automatic:
                         - infra red remote control
                         - low tension (12v) motor boxes
                         - powered by sealed batteries
                         - charged by 2 solar panels on the roof

                         Have it as exposed as you like:
                         - fully during hot summer days
                         - partially at nigh to keep off the breeze
                         - completely closed during cooler months

                         Children and pets will not be able to enter the pool unsupervised
                         Smooth opening & closing using a no-track/rail free system
                         Domestic or Commercial (Schools, Hotels, Campsites and Leisure Centres)