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Pool Covers - Safety, Solar & Winter Debris

                         Solar covers are for retaining heat in the pool and reducing chemical evaporation
                         during the summer when the pool is in use. Winter debris covers are fixed to the
                         pool surround during the winter months when the pool is not used to prevent
                         leaves and other debris from entering the pool.
                         Alternatively you can have a safety cover which combines both a solar heat
                         retaining cover and the debris cover, also includes saftey features to make your
                         swimming pool much more secure, especially if you have pets or small children.

                         Cover features include:

                         Made to measure so it fits exactly the size/shape of your pool
                         Can withstand the weight of several adults on top of the cover
                         Ensures pets & children do not enter pool unsupervised
                         Surface mounting, submerged pit retracting or under coping track
                         Easy to open & close the cover | Can be manual or automatic
                         Cover is drawn along the poolside in aluminium tracks | Pool is totally sealed
                         Prevents dust, dirt and leaves entering the pool | Restricts algae growth